27 May 2023


Actor Name: PriceMonit

Actor Description: PriceMonit is a smart, cutting-edge web scraping and price monitoring tool designed for business professionals seeking to stay ahead of their competition. Leveraging the powerful and versatile Apify platform, PriceMonit collects real-time pricing data from online retailers, streamlines the information, and delivers actionable insights to help businesses make more informed pricing decisions, boost sales, and maximize profits.List of Inputs:

  • Product URL (name: productUrl, description: URL of the product page to be analyzed, purpose: to scrape the data of a specific product, input placeholder example:

  • Retailer Name (name: retailerName, description: Name of the retailer to be scraped, purpose: to identify and categorize data, input placeholder example: Amazon).

  • Retailer Category (name: retailerCategory, description: Category of the retailer or product, purpose: for better filtering and analysis, input placeholder example: Electronics).

  • Monitoring Frequency (name: monitoringFrequency, description: How often the data should be scraped, purpose: to provide timely and consistent data, input placeholder example: Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

List of Outputs:

  • Product Name (name: productName, description: The name of the product scraped, purpose: for identification and data organization).

  • Retailer (name: retailer, description: The name of the retailer scraped, purpose: for identification and data organization).

  • Price (name: price, description: The current price found on the product page, purpose: to provide the basis for pricing analysis).

  • Time (name: timeStamp, description: The timestamp of the data collection, purpose: to provide an understanding of when the data was collected).

  • Price History (name: priceHistory, description: Historical price data of the product, purpose: to analyze price trends and fluctuations).

List of Services to be used in order to build this actor:

  • Apify (service name, url:, why: to build and host our custom actor using a versatile and powerful web scraping platform).

  • Apify SDK (service name, url:, why: to utilize useful libraries and tools for building our actor).

  • Apify Proxy (service name, url:, why: to avoid being blocked by the target websites during the scraping process).

Why the actor can help the person to make more money:By using PriceMonit, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of market trends and competitor pricing strategies. This enables them to adjust their pricing models accordingly, attracting more customers and ultimately generating more revenue.Needed Capital and Why:An estimated $75,000 is needed to cover costs related to product development, marketing, and customer support. The capital will ensure a smooth development process, allow us to build a customer success team, and launch effective marketing campaigns to attract and retain clients.Entry Barriers and Why:The main entry barriers include developing a proprietary scraping algorithm with frequent updates to combat anti-scraping measures and ensure accurate and consistent data. Additionally, penetrating the market dominated by established price monitoring platforms may prove challenging.Expected Outcome and Pricing Model:The pricing model includes tiered plans, catering to diverse customer needs, starting from $19/month for basic individual users, $49/month for small businesses, and $99/month for enterprise customers with higher data scraping volumes.The expected outcome is to onboard a customer base over the first year, with a projected monthly growth of 15%. This growth will contribute to continuous revenue andincreased market presence.ROI Calculation:Assuming a consistent 15% growth in client base and a net profit margin of 35%, the ROI can be calculated based on revenue generation and cost investments. After 2 years, the net profit is expected to surpass the initial investment, providing a positive ROI and consistent long-term growth for the company.Pitch:Dear VC partners, we present to you PriceMonit - a revolutionary price monitoring tool that enables businesses to stay ahead of their competition, make informed pricing decisions, and maximize their profits. With the ability to generate actionable insights, PriceMonit provides unparalleled value by actively monitoring the market and delivering real-time, accurate data. Our intuitive pricing model ensures businesses of all sizes can benefit from the platform, and our estimated ROI stands as a testament to PriceMonit's potential for rapid growth and long-term success.By investing in PriceMonit, you're investing in a solution that addresses the market's demand for reliable, up-to-date pricing information. Our proprietary scraping algorithm allows us to overcome entry barriers, positioning PriceMonit as a market leader in price monitoring solutions. Help us bring PriceMonit to life and empower businesses with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving digital market.


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