27 May 2023


Actor Name: ProfitMaximizer

Actor Description: ProfitMaximizer is an intelligent and efficient actor built on the Apify platform that automates the process of market research, analysis, and price optimization for online businesses. It offers valuable insights and recommendations to enhance business profitability, utilizing data-driven strategies to identify growth opportunities and optimize pricing models.List of Inputs:

  • targetMarket (Description: Specify the target market/industry for the analysis. Purpose: To focus the actor's data collection and analysis on a specific market. Placeholder Example: "Online Retail")

  • competitorURLs (Description: List of competitor URLs for benchmarking and comparison. Purpose: To analyze competition and devise strategies that outperform them. Placeholder Example: ["", ""])

  • pricingStrategy (Description: Choose the desired pricing model for the output recommendations. Purpose: To tailor the analysis to suit the user's pricing preferences. Placeholder Example: "Value-based pricing")

List of Outputs:

  • marketInsights (Description: Comprehensive report on the target market with statistics, trends, and opportunities. Needed fields: Target market data, competitor benchmarks, and industry analysis)

  • priceOptimization (Description: Detailed pricing recommendations based on the selected pricing strategy and competitor analysis. Needed fields: Current pricing, competitor pricing, market data, and user's pricing preferences)

List of Services:

  • Apify Web Scraping (URL:, Why: For collecting target market data, industry trends, competitor prices, and other relevant information)

  • Apify Marketplace (URL:, Why: To leverage pre-built actors to optimize the development process and minimize costs)

Why the actor can help the person make more money:ProfitMaximizer will help users make more money by providing valuable market insights and tailored pricing recommendations. Its data-driven approach allows businesses to capitalize on market opportunities, optimize pricing, and stay ahead of the competition.Needed Capital and why:A capital of $50,000 is needed for actor development, testing, marketing, and ongoing improvements. This investment will help build a robust and functional actor with a scalable and efficient infrastructure to handle varied requirements and support growth.Entry Barriers and Why:

  • Technical expertise: Building an actor requires experience in TypeScript and familiarity with the Apify platform.

  • Data access: Sourcing quality data and maintaining up-to-date information are crucial for a successful actor.

  • Competitive landscape: Markets with existing actors and tools could pose a challenge and require unique features to stand out.

Expected Outcome and Pricing Model:

  • Costing: A subscription-based model with different tiers such as Basic ($49/month), Premium ($99/month), and Enterprise ($199/month), catering to a wide range of users and businesses.

  • Earning: With a target of acquiring 1000 customers within the first year (average of $100 per customer per month), the annual revenue would be $1.2 million.

ROI Calculation:

  • Initial investment: $50,000

  • Annual revenue: $1,200,000

  • Expenses (development, marketing, support, etc.): $250,000

  • Net profit: $950,000

  • ROI = (Net Profit / Initial Investment) * 100

  • ROI = ($950,000 / $50,000) * 100 = 1900%

Pitch:ProfitMaximizer promises to revolutionize the way online businesses approach market research, price optimization, and growth. Our intelligent actor delivers actionable insights and pricing recommendations that enable businesses to maximize revenue and profitability.The unique value propositionlies in the efficient combination of deep market research, competitor analysis, and tailored pricing strategies, leveraging the power of the Apify platform for web scraping and actor development.Investing in ProfitMaximizer guarantees an exceptional ROI of 1900%, with an annual revenue of $1.2 million. The robust pricing model ensures scalability and caters to varied user requirements, maximizing returns on investment.We invite VCs to seize this opportunity and invest in a promising product that not only helps businesses make more money but also disrupts the industry with its unparalleled capabilities and potential for growth. The initial capital of $50,000 will pave the way for ProfitMaximizer’s success and establish its foothold in a competitive market with clear barriers-to-entry.

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